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Graphic design

Graphic design

Your brand is your most valuable active asset!

Your brand allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and can convey the positive character and uniqueness of your business. That's why we put our attention and all our skills to make it be strong.

Our specialists in graphic design and branding brand implement high-impact communications that will grave your brand
in people's minds. To achieve this goal, we always respect the three pillars of ACTIVE MONKEYS COMMUNICATION:

I) be seen   

II) listen to returns  

II) let people talk about it



Create NOW projects in 3D & animation!

Team of our architects and designers can help you to transfer all of your ideas into the final project. Whether is about preliminary design or main project, or reconstruction and redesign of existing interior and exterior spaces.

- All presentations are made in 3D technology with photo realistic renders.
- We also can help you with logo design, making brochures, internet sites for real estates' sale or property lease especially with the creation of promotional and advertising animated movies, with 3D models or artistic sketches.



Activate the web presence of your business!

You want to make a good first impression?
You are not happy with your existing website?
want to make your website look more sexy?

We have the solutions that suit YOU and meet your budget.
Our web team is specialized in the development of online applications, websites & E-Tailor Shops. We are here to share our knowledge with you and help you with:

Consulting, needs analysis, architecture, project tracking, design, web design, Corporate communications, Newsletters and e-mailings, development, web marketing, SEO, hosting, domain names, maintenance, etc ...




We also have our virtual animation studio. Specialized in the fields of animation production, we have know-how and are approved in terms of 2D and 3D animation, multimedia projection, games, creating virtual sets, 3D visualizations and skins for TV. Our ambition is to develop the market trades animation while reinforcing our position as a professional with a unique specialization in the field.

2D Animation: Coming from a classical training in drawing or animation, our team specialists component graph are able to handle any animated project, whose purpose is for the 2D and 3D animation. The animation team controls the entire production chain 2D software (graphics databases in the development of characters, through animation Cut-out or traditional design and coloring sets, the storyboarding and compositing).

3D Animation: we control the animations like Flash Animation Style (Vector) the Cell Style Animation (Bitmap). Depending on the project, our specialists adapt to deliver the work requested features specific needs of the client. We cover both the preparation (design, matte paint, modeling, texturing, setup) the animation or post (compositing).

Creation of virtual sets: you want to boost TV shows, dramas, pubs or events? We have the knowledge to assist you! From a project idea, we handle the design, storyboarding and modeling to deliver your demos augmented reality and virtual reality. Thanks to our virtual studios, you can count on us to offer you the effects and achieving quality

Multimedia events: You just want to enhance your projects with an attractive and dynamic or want to be more understandable? You are right to think about visualization! It is indeed a communication tool and helps design projects. Combined with Real-Time 3D technology or relief, it gives your body immersion projects. With visualization, you will be much easier to explain was to present your public abstract concepts - such as programs or future business strategies - using teaching and learning tools ... Do not hesitate to contact us for any project Mapping / art of building (building) and interactive projection.

Games: Whether educational games for teaching academic or public, Serious Games or paid apps, we arecommitted to meet your needs. Our specialists cover the areas of ideation, conceptualization and prototyping. Our talents have mastered the Logical game, math and user interface design. Our experts take care of the complete development of the game for your company or institution.




Industrial design

Industrial design


Our industrial designers and product specialists are creating in three dimensions. They design everyday consumer items (kitchen equipment, fishing equipment or gardening, etc..), Products of armor (home furniture, office furniture, street furniture, indoor boat etc..) or even accessories (decorative objects, lighting, jewelry, etc..) respecting the technical, financial and aesthetic requirements of our customers. We create new products for mass production or working on a daily basis, to the improvement of existing products.

Of course, we also help you once the product made to implement your marketing strategy and communication around the product.




Our photographers propose you a work based on a careful and inspired photography.

Our goal is to offer you excellent high quality images to support and meet your every need in the field of visual communication.

In our various galleries, you will find a range of exciting and affirmed photographs, powerful and original.

Just have a look...